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517Harris' sparrow, rosy finches and chipping sparrow

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  • Andrea Robinsong
    Jan 31, 2006
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      Hi All.
      Seems like the N. rim of the Black Canyon is the W. Slope's current hot
      There's a Harris sparrow wintering at a feeder on Black Canyon Rd above
      Crawford which I saw last thursday. This is a Delta County bird and the
      homeowners wouldn't mind some visitors.
      Today Jason Beason and I went out to a [gorgeous] home off of Hwy 92
      right near where the Black Canyon comes into view along the highway.
      This is Montrose County and we were treated to closeup views of a good
      size flock of brown-capped rosy finches feasting on sunflower seeds at
      many feeders provided by the homeowners. While there I saw a chipping
      sparrow under one of the feeders. The homeowner knew this bird was a
      regular but didn't realize it's a winter rareity. If you need or want
      to see Montrose County Rosy-finches or a wintering Chipping sparrow, let
      me know.
      Andrea Robinsong, Hotchkiss