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4970Coooper"s Hawk/Eurasian collard dove in New Castle

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  • Larry/Sharon Green
    Aug 24, 2010
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      I was backing out of my garage in Castle Valley Subdivision when I heard a noticable thump.  I stopped to see if I had run over something and saw loose feathers and a Eurasian collared dove flying in front of my windshield.  The collard dove crashed into my wifes flower bed.  As I got out of the truck, I noticed a Cooper's hawk immediately overhead.  It turns out that the Cooper's hawk must have hit the collared dove which managed to hit my camper shell but make it to the flower bed.  I left for about an hour and came back.  There was blood on the sidewalk and several collared dove feathers.  I talked to the neighbor and he said he saw a very damaged looking collared dove fly over to the neighbors but did not see the Cooper's hawk.
      Nature happening in the suburbs.
      Larry Green