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4092American pipit, Crystal Creek near Black Mesa, Montrose County

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  • Dennis Garrison
    Nov 1, 2009
      I saw a pipit on the side of the road just south of Crystal Creek near Black Mesa, north of the Black Canyon this morning around 7.  Hay meadows both sides of the road.
      LOTS of harriers in the Crawford south area, numerous red-taileds around as well.  The next snow will close off Black Mesa for the winter, and don't try to go up there until then without a GOOD 4wd with good tires (and chains).  More than a foot of snow at 10K feet up there.
      Saw a bald eagle up in the McClure Pass area yesterday.  Looking for deer and elk, I imagine.  The eagle, not me.  I was looking for hunters.
      Dennis Garrison

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