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3931Report from Atlas 2, Region 7 at the close of 2009 season.

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  • Brenda Wright
    Aug 22, 2009
      First of all, thanks to everyone who found the time this summer to do work on Colorado Breeding Bird Atlas 2, and especially in Region 7. Region 7 covers most of Montrose County and the north half of San Miguel County. The following is a brief summary of where we stand after the third summer of work in Region 7.

      Region 7 has now completed 31 of its 48 blocks. Of the remaining 17 blocks, 4 blocks have not been worked, 5 blocks have little work, 7 blocks have some work and 1 block is nearly finished. Region 7 should have little trouble finishing all blocks within the next two years. Only 44 of the 48 blocks were finished during Atlas 1.

      At this point Region 7 has 90% of species block ticks compared to Atlas 1; 2292/2074. That is the same percentage for confirmations, Atlas 2 vs Atlas 1; 751/675. In two more year we most certainly will exceed our coverage that we had during Atlas 1 in Region 7. Most of the work left in Region 7 is in the eastern end around Montrose, Ridgway and Ouray.

      Region 7 will be a great region to see what trends, if any, is going on with several bird species. I can already see some real trends since the last atlas. Two trends I feel fairly certain about are Brown-headed Cowbirds are decreasing and Cedar Waxwings are increasing. There are several more trends which I will summarize this spring at the start of the atlas season. I will also give some supporting data for the trends.

      This summer we had around 20 atlasers that did work in Region 7. So far atlasers have found 170 species suspected of breeding in Region 7. In western Colorado 170 leads after three years of atlasing. If I could only find a Lesser Nighthawk's nest that would give Region 7 171 species.

      Should be great birding this coming week. Rains are coming!!!
      Coen and Brenda