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3877Cortez area highlights today

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  • Dennis Garrison
    Jul 18, 2009
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      Dad and I made it half a block this morning before pulling over to check out a white-winged dove in a yard at 3rd and Chestnut in Cortez.  The bird stuck around just long enough for me to dig out the camera but not long enough for a photo.  I suspect it is wandering around town somewhere.
      We found one of the black phoebes on J road in McElmo Canyon, but not at the bridge.  It was foraging over the pig pond to the east of the bridge.
      We found a second black phoebe half a mile below McPhee Dam on the lower Dolores River.  It and numerous other birds were feeding on a blizzard of mayflies this afternoon around 4 pm.  At the same location, dad watched a black-throated gray warbler chase off a yellow warbler.  A couple miles downriver, I found an olive-sided flycatcher foraging out of the top of a snag near the canyon wall.  A bit of contrast to the ones I have been seeing at ten thousand feet in the spruce-fir.
      Lots of other birds.  Not a banner day, but not too bad overall.  And I managed to NOT step on the rattlesnake I found, but it was close.

      Dennis Garrison
      Cortez tonight 

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