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373Battle in the sky!

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  • Brenda Wright
    Sep 27, 2005
      Brenda and I did an eight day river trip on the San
      Juan River from Mexican Hat to Lake Fowell. We spend
      time hiking side canyons and birding the San Juan for
      migrants. Birding was nearly what we had expected.
      Lots and lots of Chukars were a surprize but not the
      hundreds of ROWR and CANW. We found only 46 species
      and the most unusual being a flock of Snowy Egrets
      with a Black-crowned Night-Heron. A September trip is
      really great for visiting the side canyons, Slickhorn,
      Grand Gulch, and Oljeto.

      One late afternoon we observed a Sharp-shinned Hawk
      flying along the riparian looking for dinner. Suddenly
      a Peregrine Falcon came out of the ski at 100 mph plus
      and only a very quick, evasive move prevented a
      collision. For the next 30 seconds the PEFA made
      repeated dives at the SSHA. Then suddenly the SSHA
      caught a thermal and sailed quickly above the PEFA.
      Just when we though the game was over it started all
      over again. However this time it was SSHA turn. The
      SSHA made repeated short dives at the PEFA nearly
      hitting its back on one occasion. At this point the
      PEFA had had enought and sought refuge in the cliffs.
      Was this just all a games or could be be something
      I will get to all your e-mails shortly,
      Coen and Brenda

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