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344Loudy-Simpson Fallout

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  • Forrest Luke
    Sep 3, 2005

      Hi All,


      I had my best ever morning of birding at Loudy-Simpson Park in Craig this morning (Sep 3).  I had 11 species of warblers along with two brightly plumaged Cassin’s Vireos.  Warblers included Wilson’s (30), Orange-crowned (25), Townsend’s (8), MacGillivray’s (5), Yellow (5), Virginia’s (2), Nashville (1 or more), C. Yellowthroat (1), Yellow-rumped (1, first of season), American Redstart (1) and, the bird of the day, Blackpoll (1).  There was also a Plumbeous Vireo, Red-breasted and White-breasted Nuthatches and one empid that I think was a Hammond’s.  The Townsend’s Warblers were all dull-plumaged juvenile types.  I saw a male Nashville at numerous locations around the nature trail loop—if I only saw one it was moving around a lot.  I was even privileged to watch it gleaning insects along the trunk of a dead tree, which afforded a great opportunity to study it at length.  The redstart was a different individual from the one I saw last week.  This one was much more brightly colored and appeared to be an adult female.  The Blackpoll Warbler was a first for Loudy-Simpson and a first west slope bird for me.  It was in fall plumage and it took me a few seconds to register what it might be and then several minutes to confirm the identification.  Fortunately, it fed out in the open for part of the time I was studying it.  I believe the Blackpoll is the second Moffat County record, with the first spotted by Coen and Brenda a few years ago at the Lily Park CG in Dinosaur NM.  By the way Coen, I am now finally over the bitterness of not hearing about the Dinosaur NM bird (just kidding!).


      Given the good weather lately, I was surprised at such a nice migrant fallout this morning.  The only explanation I can come up with is the recent cool nights must have the birds moving.




      Forrest Luke



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