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3092Fw: Help with Raptor ID... Any ideas?

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  • Kim M Potter
    Oct 15, 2008
      Okay experts lets hear what you think and why. Thanks

      Kim M. Potter
      Wildlife Technician
      White River National Forest
      (970) 625-6860
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      Potter/R2/USDAFS@FSNOTES, Robert

      Help with Raptor ID... Any ideas?

      Please see the attached photos if you have a second to spare... Any ideas?
      I'm not sure what to think... Gyrfalcon?

      Brock McCormick
      Wildlife Field Crew
      Arapaho NF, Sulphur RD
      Granby, Colorado

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      John K
      10/15/2008 10:10 david.klute@...,
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      Doreen Sumerlin/R2/USDAFS@FSNOTES,
      Wendy R Magwire/R2/USDAFS@FSNOTES,
      Brock McCormick/R2/USDAFS@FSNOTES,
      Stephen B King/R2/USDAFS@FSNOTES
      White Raptor Pictures from Rand

      Dear David and Kirk,

      Kim Fry, of Granby/Golden, sent us these pictures of a white raptor taken a
      couple hundred yards north of Rand, CO early in the afternoon on 9/26/2008.

      Doreen Sumerlin, USFS Biologist asked me to send these to you for a more
      positive identification.
      As you can see in the pictures, the raptor has mostly white plumage with a
      few dark feathers scattered on head, wing and back. It's talons and nares
      are yellow and the eyes seem dark. It is our conclusion that it is not an
      albino bird. I noticed also that on the lower edge of the wing line in the
      photograph there seem to be a line of black feathers. The bird is perched
      in a young aspen tree.

      Can you come up with a more positive ID? Kirk has already seen the

      I would like to share your findings with Ms. Fry and the wildlife biologist
      staff here at the Sulphur Ranger District.

      Thank you,

      John Simmons

      (See attached file: P1000373cropped copy.jpg)(See attached file:
      P1000373cropped2 copy.jpg)(See attached file: P1000374cropped copy.jpg)

      John K. Simmons
      Lead VIS Information Assistant
      Sulphur Ranger District
      (970) 887-4100