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3031Connected Lakes this morning

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  • larry arnold
    Sep 12, 2008
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      Birding was slow today compared to prior-years’ one-day counts in September, e.g., 97 spp ( 21 Sept 2004) and 79 spp ( 13 Sept 2002).  I found only 49 spp and no shockers except that this is my first trip around the loop without seeing coots or pied-billed grebes!!!  (I speak of roughly 450 trips over ten years).  Also there were no shorebirds other than a couple of Killdeer (no Spotted sandpipers).



      Waves of Barn swallows, but very few of the other swallows

      Black-crowned night heron – 1 adult and 1 sub-adult

      Eared grebe – 1 juvie

      Osprey – 2

      Warblers – 4 spp mixed with Black-capped chickadee, bushtits, Warbling vireo, and several Blue grosbeaks (very early this morning)

      Blue grosbeak – 15+ might have been the most vocal birds out there!

      Western tanager – 7

      Western wood pewee – 5





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