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2534Escalante State Wildlife Area lake

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  • Andrea Robinsong
    Apr 2, 2008
      Thanks for the neon birdie, Jacob!!!

      The lake at Escalante State Wildlife Area is on G50 Rd. between Hwy 50
      and the Gunnison River [Delta County]. There is a gravel pull out on the
      W. side of the road.

      I stopped there when I was returning from Highline this afternoon
      approx. 6:00pm and was glad I did.

      I saw
      FOS Lesser Yellowlegs [2]

      FOS White-faced Ibis [12]

      FOS Sora [2] when I first scanned the reedy area I thought it looked
      just right for rails but only saw 2 coots foraging. When I rescanned two
      sora had joined the coots, foraging in the open...cool!

      many many ducks mostly Green-winged Teal and Redheads and entirely too
      many killdeer [what a racket]

      21 Great Blue Herons standing huddled together with their backs to the
      water???????????? 3 more were fishing.
      Do they roost on the ground? They weren't moving for the 45 minutes that
      I was watching. They reminded me of a drawing I once saw of English
      barristers dressed in those jackets that they used to wear with the very
      long tails. In the picture the barristers [wearing wigs] were standing
      huddled like the herons, with their backs to the viewer and their hands
      clasped behind their backs. The birds really looked like that!

      Barn Owl colony
      While I was scanning [hoping for terns] I saw Barn Owl holes in a 'dobe
      bank facing me [I was standing on the road]. There are three or more
      cavities with very ample whitewash and several others that look like
      roosting holes. I found a tall narrow cavity with a BAOW standing in it
      facing me!! The hole fit the owl like a package!
      I think that this is a PERFECT place for anyone to view Barn Owls in
      Delta County. They are on private property, quite far from the road,
      can't be disturbed by viewers yet offer good views through scopes. [and
      I think they're in the Delta CBC circle]

      I'm going to hit Fruitgrowers at dawn tomorrow hoping for those terns,
      and the bitterns, and......

      good birding!
      andrea robinsong