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2394Mesa County Birds

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  • Jacob C Cooper
    Feb 29, 2008
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      Hi all,

      I did a little bit of birding lately around Grand Junction and turned up a
      couple good birds. At Connected Lakes on Wednesday, I found a "flock" (it was
      only 2 birds) at connected lakes and a couple Brown Creepers near the main

      On Thursday (yesterday), I went to 23 1/4 Road pond. The lake mostly had
      wigeon and mallard. I then trekked over to the gravel pond back behind (where
      Larry found the Sabine's Gull a while back). Hiding behind the gravel ledge, I
      was able to count about 60-70 extremely flighty Common Mergansers before they
      flew. Mixed in with them were about 4 Mallards, 4 Common Goldeneye, a female
      Lesser Scaup, some Ring-necked Ducks and a small group of Redheads with a
      Canvasback in them. I unfortunately scared the ducks, but am sure that they
      have probably returned.

      As I watched the goldeneyes, though, I remembered back to when I first started
      birding. One of the first times I ever went out was when Rich and Mike Henwood
      took me to Jerry Creek and we found some Long-tailed Ducks. If it wasn't for
      Rich, I would be nowhere near as knowledgeable as I am today. Rich taught me a
      lot about the biology and habits of Western Colorado birds, and helped me
      start my birding career. He was an amazing man.