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2343Barrow's Goldeneyes

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  • Andrea Robinsong
    Feb 9, 2008
      I saw 11 flying up and down the Gunnison by Confluence Park in Delta
      this afternoon.
      They sure are skittish.

      Two days ago there were 100 mtn bluebirds decorating 3 trees along the
      river. There were perhaps 30 robins with them and a few Cedar Waxwings.
      also many flickers. It was cold.
      Today it was 56 degrees in Delta [!] and in an hour I neither saw nor
      heard a single passerine or woodpecker. go figger.

      The ice on the lake is melting but so far the only bird of interest I've
      seen is a wintering ring-billed gull.

      andrea robinsong
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