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2237Rosy-Finches - Mesa County

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  • Jacob C Cooper
    Jan 1, 2008
      Hi all,

      Today, during the Mesa CBC, Doug (I can't remember his last name), Larry
      Arnold and I observed a mixed flock of Rosy Finches north of Molina in Mesa
      County. There were ~70 birds in all - at least 30 Brown-capped, 40 Black, and
      2 Gray-crowned.

      To get to them, go on V Road beyond Plateau Valley SWA (where there was a
      Northern Goshawk) until you reach a sign that says "Private Ranch - No
      trespassing next 2 miles." At the other end of the ranch is a small rocky
      outcrop north of the road - the birds were originally there and moved down to
      the road and then disappeared over the ridge.

      Happy New Year,

      Jacob Cooper