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1972Band Codes

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  • Brenda Wright
    Sep 29 11:51 AM
      For those of you that are using the AviSys Birding
      Software you are aware of the banding code feature.
      AviSys uses the rules that banders are using except if
      a species ends up with the same code them both species
      are listed in a scroll-down. One does not have to
      deal with BTYW and BTLH etc. Just use BTGW and BTHU
      (Black-throated Gray Warbler and Broad-tailed
      Hummingbird). Just click on the species you want and
      you are taken there immediately in the ABA list or
      world list or any other list you may have generated.
      Of the nearly 10,000 species of birds in the world 57%
      of the time one goes directly to the bird. 43% of the
      time you will select a bird from a collision list of 2
      to 13 species but averaging only 3. In North American
      mode you get directly to the bird 80% of the time.

      Birds shoplifting may be funny some of the time.
      While in Australia a pelican was doing the same trick
      at a fish and chips joint. We were trying to get in
      the door past the pelican. The pelican reached out
      with its bill and cut a four inch slice on my forearm.
      Pelicans have a razor shape hook on the end of their
      bill. Birds can become pests.

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