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  • Andrea Robinsong
    Aug 18, 2007
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      Jason mentioned in a posting about Confluence Park that he found all the
      singing interesting.
      I have tracked down all the recently arrived singers at my place and
      they have all turned out to be adult males, not juvies.
      there has been a singing Plumbeous Vireo here for about a week. Now
      there is a singing adult Warbling Vireo as well.
      There is also a singing LABU.
      All the many finches, primarily LEGO and HOFI, are singing like crazy.
      New birds in the yard this week:
      female Indigo Bunting
      juvie buntings, not sure if INBU or LABU
      female Evening Grosbeak
      Cassins Finch

      Yesterday I returned to Kiser Reservoir on Grand Mesa. No GRSC but
      assumably the same juvie Goshawk I heard last week was crying and
      circling yesterday. I had very nice looks through the scope.

      Stopped by Paynes Siding s. pond and found a Franklins Gull and an
      Avocet among the many coots, few ducks, and geese.

      andrea robinsong