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[ws100] Re: Another Newbie and training

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  • Lewis, Chuck
    Pete..... Welcome! And thanks for sharing... cl
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 14, 2000
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      Welcome! And thanks for sharing...

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      > Subject: [ws100] Another Newbie and training
      > Hi guys,
      > Just joined up, so I thought I'd throw my $.02 in...
      > WS will be my second attempt at the distance, first at WS. I had been
      > trying to get in this race for several years, made it last year by
      > the 2-time loser rule.
      > Tried AC last September...pretty humbling experience, but also
      > learned a few lessons about the distance. I trained harder for that
      > run than ever in my life, averaging about 60 miles/week over the
      > summer, with several 50+ mile runs. I was in the best shape of my
      > life, but inexperience took me out....ran the downs a little too
      > aggressively, and drank too much without taking in enough
      > electrolytes, causing really bad cramping...my quads were dead by
      > Chilao.
      > I was pretty burned out after the training and the run, so took most
      > of the fall off...almost didn't even send my entry in for WS. Hence,
      > I'm getting a late start in training. My plan is something like this:
      > Focus on long runs, strength and downhills (which I can best practice
      > during long runs). I also am not a high mileage runner (gotta work
      > for a living), so my mileage during the wek is pretty modest. Right
      > now, hill repeats one night for strength (which will turn into 800
      > repeats in March), one night 7-10 miles up tempo, and one easy night,
      > 6-10 miles. Right now, I'm spending Saturdays doing the 20-25 milers,
      > then in March, throw in a couple 30-35 milers, a 50 and a few 30's in
      > April, 100K and a few more 30's in May (including Memorial weekend),
      > then we'll se how I feel in June.
      > I live on the coast by Santa Cruz, CA, so heat training is hard to
      > come by, but I'll head inland on the weekends and seek what heat I
      > can find.
      > Looking forward to finally tackling States, as I've paced here twice
      > and worked No Hands Bridge twice...now it's my turn!
      > Pete Petri
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