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[ws100] Re: Another First Timer

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  • Lewis, Chuck
    Welcome Mark...... Since you have read the previous posts, I won t back track, but like Andy.... I m not much on running real long miles for training.... Even
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      Welcome Mark......
      Since you have read the previous posts, I won't back track, but like
      Andy.... I'm not much on running real long miles for training.... Even
      though I will get into 80, 90, & 100 mile weeks, my longest training run is
      23 miles during any given week. The only exception, some might argue, will
      be the 3 - 50 mile races I plan to enter. Some would count these as
      "training" runs, but to me they're actually races. They're like a biscuit,
      that little reward to keep me interested and excited about my training....
      While I'm not an author of any best seller's on running, I know what works
      for me. Keeping the runs shorter and faster, keeps me healthier in terms of
      both illness and injuries... recovery time appears to come much quicker and
      I make it to church on time too! (Although staying awake can sometime be a
      Last year was my first time at anything over 50 miles................. My
      hat's off to those grand prix contestants.... I personally didn't run much
      for nearly 2 months after Western last year.... That is possibly one
      negative side-effect to the shorter mileage approach that I take, but I'd
      rather do 1 race really well (personally speaking of course) than do several
      mediocre races....
      I do like half & 1 mile repeats for speed workouts when I train for
      marathons, but I have bumped it up to 3 mile repeats when training for
      Western. And..... since I do not personally take long tapers (2 weeks
      max)...... speed work-outs during this last phase of my training assists in
      this area.
      I thought that this forum last year was a great sounding board for all the
      first timers, including myself. But on post-race reflections, the best forum
      was actually the experience of the race itself....... As June gets closer,
      this discussion board's traffic will pick-up. A lot of good advice will be
      thrown out here, my only advice is to not deviate too much from what got you
      this far already...... It must work!
      Best of Luck!

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      > Subject: [ws100] Another First Timer
      > Andy and Chuck,
      > Since you are the only 2 on here I figure I might as well address my
      > initial post to you. I'm a first time 100 miler. My previous long is
      > the Laurel Highlands 70 miler (which really waxed me). Training plan
      > is to do more long runs than I ever have. Every week, instead of every
      > other week, up to and repeating 36 milers. 1 speed session (1 mile
      > repeats) a week. 2 12 milers, ec. Probably I will work up to 80-90
      > mile max weeks. I plan on doing all 3 days of the camp and am unsure
      > how to fill the 5 weeks between the camp and the race so I don't go in
      > too tired. I felt running Ice Age last year 4 weeks prior to Laurel
      > Highlands may have hurt me even though I tried to do it slow.
      > Mark
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