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[ws100] Re: WS100 Training

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  • Lewis, Chuck
    Andy...... You sound like a runner after my own heart..... I too usually train using shorter runs and low weekly mileages.... As you probably know it not a
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 11, 2000
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      You sound like a runner after my own heart..... I too usually train using
      shorter runs and low weekly mileages.... As you probably know it not a very
      popular strategy among the ultra purists.....
      I read an article in some publication awhile back about some fellow who
      holds a record for the most recorded sub-2:20 marathons... He said he never
      ran over 12 miles in any of his workouts and the only time he did go over 12
      miles was in an actual marathon..... He felt that the real key to his
      success was his once a week workout of half-mile repeats... And I subscribe
      whole heartedly to this philosophy.
      I live near Death Valley in a town call Ridgecrest (California). It gets >
      115 degrees in the summer time.... But even with those kind of temperatures
      we don't see the level of humidity that Western has. I think your idea of
      long back-to-back runs is a good idea, i.e.. running when you're still
      Hill work = Up & Down... I think alot of folks equate hills with Up, but
      the down hills will beat your legs up just as well. Last year my strategy
      was to run the down hills easy..... I ran them easy to the point that it
      wasn't my natural gate/stride and I believe I did more damage than good.
      I like your idea of setting your goal at < 24 hrs. That's what I did last
      year and while I was on pace through Michigan Bluff, somewhere shortly after
      MB I got tired and ended up finishing in 29.5 hrs. The year before a friend
      entered to survive the 30 hr. cut-off..... He didn't.....
      One piece of information I picked up along the way and I believe to be
      true is to take your 50 mile time and triple it..... It's definitely not
      like running a marathon based on half marathon training.
      For me the hardest part (And I haven't figured out a way to prepare for it
      short of the obvious) was simply going for 24+ hrs. The mood swings were
      incredible around 2 - 4 AM (The 2nd morning). I personally refer to it as
      "The closest thing to child birth a male will ever experience"... It kinda
      reminded me of the time my wife and I had our first (of 6) child. One minute
      you're a sweetheart and the next you're the wicked witch of the west.......
      Which reminds me, if you use a pacer, pick someone that is strong..... not
      just physically, but mentally too... There may be times when you won't be
      that congenial person that you normally are... hahahahaha.....
      And lastly, the 3 day camp is a real plus..... It'll give you a chance to
      see ~70% of the course and meet some really great people....... The
      showering facilities are second to none :)!
      Good Luck & Good Training!

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      > Chuck,
      > Good reply! Nice to see your training plan for WS.
      > So far this year (since Jan.) I've been training harder than I ever
      > have this time of year. Generally, in winter here in the Upper
      > Midwest, I really slack off on my training. This year I'm running a
      > lot more, and I think it will pay off with a much more solid base when
      > I start my harder training at the end of Feb.
      > To be completely honest (I'm embarrassed to admit it), I'm a low
      > mileage runner. However, I think I make up for this low mileage by
      > emphasizing quality in my runs. Even with my low mileage (~30 mile
      > avg, even less in winter) I'm able to finish near the top of most
      > ultras. With that in mind, you'll see that my trying for Western
      > States is actually a jump up for me, but probably still less than a lot
      > of people mileage-wise.
      > I've been trying to avg. ~30 miles a week running since Jan. for my
      > base. I've also been x-c skiing a little. I'm also trying to do one
      > good hill workout each week. No speedwork yet.
      > My training plan (I usually don't have one;just run) starts the week of
      > Feb. 28 after I ski the 55k American Birkebeiner ski race on Feb. 26.
      > My highest mileage week will actually only be 70 miles. Lowest mileage
      > week during this period; 26 miles during the taper. Avg. weekly
      > mileage of 47 miles. Doesn't seem like a lot, but I know if I follow
      > this plan, I will be better prepared than ever. I plan 3 weeks with
      > long back to back runs on the weekend (something I don't do much of).
      > I'll try to do hard hills one day a week and speedwork at least every
      > other week. With my current plan I have 2 rest days per week. Perhaps
      > I could run on some of these rest days to increase the weekly mileage,
      > but this will depend on how my body feels. My weekly "ramp-up" is not
      > set, rather it is very random. Some weeks I increase mileage quite a
      > bit (8 miles) some weeks I decrease mileage, kind of a rest week.
      > Since I've been running for quite a while and feel I have a decent
      > base, I didn't see the need to have a set or even ramp-up mileage each
      > week. Is this a decent assumption or do you think this is off-base?
      > I'll be running a 50k in mid april, and a 50 mile race in early May.
      > I'm going to TRY and run the 50 miler easy. I'm hoping that the 50
      > miler (Ice Age) in May is a really hot one again! I know that I'll be
      > lacking in heat acclimitization before Western. We just don't have
      > enough hot weather up here in early summer to acclimate for that type
      > of heat.
      > Most of all, I'll just keep running. I think I get by on guts more
      > than anything during these ultras. I'm shooting for 24 hours, and if I
      > run like I think I can, this goal should be relatively easy (yeah
      > right, nothing like confidence!). I'd like to go even faster if
      > possible. I guess we'll see in June! I'd like to hear some more
      > training plans! Thanks!
      > Andy
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