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RE: [ws100] Trail Conditions at Western States 100

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  • Lewis, Chuck
    Carl..... As Hunter mentioned, we didn t go up to Robinson.... But from Dusty Corners (I believe that s where N44 dumps into), on into Auburn, the course was
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 2, 2000
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      As Hunter mentioned, we didn't go up to Robinson.... But from Dusty
      Corners (I believe that's where N44 dumps into), on into Auburn, the course
      was in pretty good shape. Not as many streams as in year's past, crossing
      the trail, and I suspect that there will be fewer yet come race day. The
      heat seemed to be a factor with several of the runners. I believe that it
      will be a major problem on race day. I say this from the standpoints that I
      predict that the day's "High" temperature will be much warmer and that we'll
      be hitting the canyons later in the day than we did last weekend.
      Areas of concern:
      Trail: The trail down into the canyon before the climb up to Devil's
      Thumb. Lots of Oak leaves covering the trail. Makes footing tricky at times
      as there are so many leaves, it's hard to see the rocks and other obstacles
      under them. Markings were good and easy to follow ( providing you keep your
      head up and watch where you're going).
      River: My guess is that we'll be wading this years. Be ready for wet
      sneakers before the climb up to Robinson and at Ruck-A-Chucky.
      Heat: !!!!!!!!!! Hydration !!!!!!!!! I have lived just a short distance
      from Death Valley for 40+ years now. I'm used to the heat. But I still
      respect it. I believe it's going to be very warm come race day. Some, I
      realize, can't do much about heat training. But everyone can do something
      about staying hydrated. By the time you notice your mouth's starting to dry
      out and you're not sweating as much as you were, IT'S TOO LATE! I know that
      we're all going to hear "Drink plenty of water" several times before the gun
      goes off. Take heed! At best Dehydration will turn months of training into
      wasted hours on a cot at the nearest aide station. At worst it can kill.....
      All in all, I think Greg has it under control and we're going to see an
      excellent race! Lots of talent this year! If it'll just cool a little bit we
      may see some pretty fast times.
      If you have any questions in particular..... fire away!
      Good luck!

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      > Subject: [ws100] Trail Conditions at Western States 100
      > Training Run Participants: Could one or more of you give a brief summary
      > of the trail conditions and of your experiences during the training run.
      > For those of us who were unable to participate, a few brief reports
      > would be welcome news from and about the upcoming race which is only
      > three weeks away. Let's use this chat site for more communication about
      > the upcoming event. Thanks for your support and participation. Carl
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