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[ws100] Re: Hello and Training Programs

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  • Lewis, Chuck
    Hi Andy...... Welcome to the group! There was good information passed along here last year..... In general, last year s training was based on strength.... It
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 9, 2000
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      Hi Andy......
      Welcome to the group! There was good information passed along here last
      In general, last year's training was based on strength.... It worked
      alright (Got me through the race).... But I spent more time lifting than
      running. I used a 6 month approach, broke into thirds.. Strength, Endurance,
      & Speed/Taper..... I ran my first (and only) 50 miler in April with my
      longest run, in the previous 4 months, being 8 miles.... Like I said...It
      worked Ok.
      This year I'm still using the 6 month approach, but I'm 180 out on my
      strength vs. running thoughts.... Not that I wasn't happy with how things
      went last year.... I just want to try something different. This year's
      program consists of 3 ramps increasing each week's mileage by 5 miles with 3
      rest weeks between ramps. I started this on January 1st. I have one rest (No
      run) day per week.... 30 to 60 mile ramp, 20 mile rest, 50 to 80 mile ramp,
      30 mile rest, 70 to 100 mile ramp, 40 mile rest, 20 mile taper, & 100 mile
      race. I have 3 - 50 mile races thrown in for entertainment......
      Favorite foods: Carl's Jr.'s Double Western Bacon Cheese Burger, Mexican,
      & Chinese

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      > Subject: [ws100] Hello and Training Programs
      > Just wondering if anyone else is out there yet. I'm looking forward to
      > some lively discussion, tips and training advice on this list. Anyone
      > out there want to discuss their training regimen, plan or program for
      > Western States on the list? I'd be interested in hearing how you
      > prepare for the race. Thanks!
      > Andy
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