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Re: [ws100] Digest Number 28

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  • Dale Keen
    I think that puts it into perspective! I am inclined to agree. Dale Keen ... _________________________________________________________________________ Get
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2000
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      I think that puts it into perspective! I am inclined to agree.

      Dale Keen

      >From: nowlinm@...
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      >Subject: Re: [ws100] Digest Number 28
      >Date: Fri, 1 Sep 2000 17:18:38 EDT
      >I am 39. Like everyone else, I hope to be alive and running at age 60. I
      >don't understand how extending the race two hours can be deemed favoritism.
      >You already have two categories, 24 hr and 30 hr. Is a 32 hr seniors
      >category (60+) unfair to sub-60 runners? I don't think so. When I'm 60,
      >I'll gladly accept the extra two hours. In fact, I'll probably need it
      >before 60 to finish :) With regard to volunteers and adding additional
      >time, both the starting/finishing times could be adjusted to compensate as
      >already suggested. With regard to the Western States volunteers and aid
      >stations, they are simply the best. I ran Leadville for the second time
      >year, and I'll just say I was spoiled by WS. (The Leadville Hopeless aid
      >station is also very good.) Can you blame the 60+ crowd (or anyone else)
      >wanting to have a reasonable chance of finishing this fantastic event?
      >Best Regards,
      >Mel Nowlin

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