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Re: Special cutoffs for 60+ at WS

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  • jmcdon07@wt.net
    Hey, I ve got it ... instead of a lottery let s just throw one great big happy immunity challenge ... and while we re at it let s vote runners out of the race
    Message 1 of 12 , Aug 25, 2000
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      Hey, I've got it ... instead of a lottery let's just throw one great
      big happy "immunity challenge"... and while we're at it let's vote
      runners out of the race at each medical check point ... we could even
      start serving rat meat and larve at the aid stations ... seriously
      folks, this thing is starting to get out of hand ... if it ain't
      broke don't fix it! Jerry McDonald

      --- In ws100@egroups.com, Stan Jensen <stanj@r...> wrote:
      > Dale Keen wrote:
      > > You know it might not hurt to let the 60 and over start at 3 in
      > > morning instead of 5 am. This would not make the race tougher
      for the
      > > race director at all. They would still have to make the cutoff
      > > etc. Something similar to this idea might be able to work.
      > > to think about.
      > While it's good that you're trying to come up with alternatives, an
      > "early start" at Western States would definitely make it harder on
      > RD, the volunteers and others. Ask me off-line if you need more
      > Also, what about the 350+ runners who now have to pass those slower
      > runners on the narrow trails in the early sections? Just my
      $0.02 ...
      > Stan
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