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Qualifying standards and Time Limits

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  • Carl Pegels
    The discussion on loosening up the WS time limits, and tightening the qualifying standards is becoming interesting. I am in favor of tightening the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 25, 2000
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      The discussion on loosening up the WS time limits, and tightening the
      qualifying standards is becoming interesting. I am in favor of
      tightening the qualifying standards, especially for those
      youngsters[including some of you 50 year olds] that want to participate.
      For instance, in my second attempt to get into the race I used a 7:54
      finish in a road 50 miler. At that time I was 64 and needed a sub 10
      hour finish in a raod 50 miler. Now keep in mind that not many 64 year
      old ultrarunners can finish a raod 50 miler in under 8 hours. At the
      present time I am 67 and the best I could do in a raod 50 miler is about
      9:30. The point I am trrying to make is that at about age 65 for some
      and earlier for others the inherent maximum speed of our bodies slows
      down dramatically. It appears, however, that our endurance remains about
      the same under the same amount of energy output. In order to keep up
      with the time standards set for you yuonger guys[and that includes the
      53 year and some 60 year olds] we expend too much energy during the
      early stages of a long race and run into problems at about the half way
      point brcause we have been going too fast on the basis of our innate
      abilities. Hence, the finishing standards set for everyone[the 30 hour
      time limit] is patently unfair and discriminatory[although I hate to use
      that word] to at least the 65+ group and possibly also to a more limited
      extent to the 55-64 group. One way out of this dilemma is to have the
      same[ and possibly tighter] qualifying standards for everyone. That way
      you would dramatically reduce the applications of the older age groups.
      On the topic of pacers for older runners, I feel, that pacers are
      unnecessary for thefirst half of any 100 mile race. They may even
      interfere with the racer's ideal pace by influencing him or her to go
      faster or slower than what is best for energy conservation. At WS pacers
      are allowed for all 60+ runners from the start. Few take advantage of
      that rule for the above reason. I did not use one nor wanted one for my
      2 attempts.
      On the topic of whether the WS board will tighten qualifying standards.
      I believe they wont. In is in the race's interest to get as many
      applications as possible. It enhances the aura of the race and it also
      keeps the interest in the race at a higher level.
      Finally, one more reason why some relaxation of the 30 hour time limit
      is desirable. The 57.5% finishing rate is rather low considering the
      qualifying standards required for entering. Relaxing those standards to,
      say 32 hours, would still produce a finishing rate comparable with other
      races, but it would also maintain the interest of potential
      Carl Pegels
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