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RE: [ws100] Western States 100 comments

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  • Lewis, Chuck
    Comments from some of us that didn t make it to the finish line???? Well okay, I didn t make it to the finish line...... But I did make it to Michigan
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 24, 2000
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      Comments from some of us that didn't make it to the finish line???? Well
      okay, I didn't make it to the finish line...... But I did make it to
      Michigan Bluff.....
      I am 49 and was well trained. On race day I felt I was healthy and ready. I
      ran a conservative race and should have finished well. I even had a bet
      going for a Double Bacon Western Cheeseburger for Carl's Jr. But........ it
      didn't happen.
      I loved the race, at least the part of it I was in. I wouldn't change a
      thing. Although I have to say I liked some of Jim Winne's ideas....
      Especially the one about a pacer for the entire run....
      There was a story, awhile back in the cycling world. Francisco Moser, a
      contender in the Tour de France, had a friend that was a World class
      sprinter. He too wanted to be a contender in the Tour, but couldn't climb
      hills. He worked one whole year on hills, but that year's Tour found him
      getting dropped on 3rd or 4th climb instead of the 1st or 2nd. He still
      wasn't a contender in the Tour that year.... in fact it was his worst finish
      ever and he wasn't even in the money on the sprints. Francisco's comments...
      Choose your races wisely.... Use your strong suite.
      I've personally never been a hill runner in the 35+ years that I've been
      running and I don't expect I'm going to see any miracles real soon. But I'd
      do it again.... Just the way it is.
      Chuck Lewis

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      > Subject: [ws100] Western States 100 comments
      > Fellow Chat Site Participants: It was good to see several responses to
      > my attempt to reactivate this site. Although my comments were focussed
      > on finishing rates and possible relaxation of finishing times, my intent
      > is to keep the discussion of any aspect of Western States flowing. I
      > have attempted it twice and failed both times. This, however. has not
      > abated my fascination with eventually finishing it. It is for this
      > reason that I am hoping for a n extra 2 hours for us older folks,
      > especially those 65 and older. But if the Board is adamant about keeping
      > the finishing time at 30 hours I may try it again, and believe I can
      > finish it within those time limits. I also know that the odds are
      > stacked heavily against me. With finishing percentages of 0% for the 65+
      > runners during the last two years, it seems rather foolish to get your
      > hope up. But ultrarunners know that 100 milers have low finishing rates
      > for any age group.
      > I have some responses for some of the other comments. I do not believe
      > that the $195 entry fee is excessively high. It is a rather small
      > percentage of the total cost of participating, especially for those
      > coming from East of the Mississippi river. I also have experienced what
      > you get for your money. The support in the wild country we traverse is
      > exceptional. The assistance provided at the aid stations is phenomenal.
      > I. for one, believe the entry fee is quite nominal for what you are
      > provided with. Hence, let's not antagonize the WS Board with complaints
      > about the entry fee.
      > The other point I want to make is the thrill of just participating in an
      > event such as Western States 100. Traversing the high Sierras without
      > having to worry about support systems by itself is worth the entry fee
      > and the effort trying to get in. Sure, we all want to finish, but most
      > of us older characters[those 50 and older] will not finish. They must be
      > satisfied with starting and going about half way. In other words I do
      > not view my two attempts as total failures; I look at them as partial
      > failures which still provided me with an interesting trail running
      > experience. So much for now. Let's hear from some of you who also failed
      > but still have something positive to say about WEstern States. Carl
      > Pegels
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