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73Re: [ws100] Hot weather running at WS100 this year

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  • Jim Winne
    Jun 15, 2000
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      On 15 Jun 00, at 13:40, Stan Jensen wrote:

      It will be hot in the canyons. The only question is will it be 110 or
      "only" 90. Listen to Stan, he knows of what he speaks. There will be
      several items for sale at Squaw that you might want to check out. The
      Ice Cap, which I haven't used but those that have it swear by it and
      the Cool Off Bandanna which I do have. It has a foam center which
      holds water much longer than a regular bandanna. Another item that I
      recommend, especially if you have a crew who can exchange them,
      are bandannas sold by REI I think among others, that have gel pellets
      sewn into it. You soak it in ice water for awhile and the pellets absorb
      the water and expand. My experience is they stay cold for more than
      an hour and provide very effective cooling.

      Jim "Safety Patrol" Winne

      > Carl,
      > Most of the aid stations will have ice for your water bottles and many
      > will have sponge buckets so that you can apply cool water to your arms
      > and legs. In addition to the advice about drinking a lot (and often),
      > my advice is to stay cool (i.e. keep your body temperature low). Stay
      > in the shade when possible, use streams to dampen a bandana for your
      > neck, and take it easy until the sun goes down.
      > Stan
      > --
      > Stan Jensen, P.O. Box 3426, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019-3426
      > http://www.Run100s.com/ mailto:StanJ@...
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