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43RE: [ws100] WS Trail conditions

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  • Jed Davis
    Jun 1, 2000
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      Here's an email regarding one man's experience at WS. It seems to touch on
      all our current issues.


      At 10:37 AM 5/25/2000 -0700, you wrote:
      > I'd like to say you make a good point...... Train for the downhills! I
      >think alot of us get so caught up in training for the uphills we ignore the
      >downhills. I love to run downhill. At 200 lbs., I just let good 'ol gravity
      >have its way and pray for a good place to stick my foot on each stride.
      > Last year as a first timer at WS (and at anything over 50 miles), my
      >friends knowing how I run the downhills all said the same thing.... "Chuck,
      >take it easy on the downhills and save your legs for after Forrest hill.
      >Most of it is runnable if you have legs for it." Well I listened to them and
      >finished my first 100. But in reevaluating the run, I tried to figure out
      >what I could have done differently and now, how to apply it to this years
      >WS. I noticed that in taking it easy on those downhills, I was "braking"
      >more on each stride than I was accustomed. As far as I'm concerned this
      >action stressed my legs in places I hadn't trained. I had muscles cramping I
      >never knew I had.
      > Well this year the plan is to run the downhills "fluidly". To me while it
      >says "no" to my banzai style of descent........ It also tells me to back off
      >on the brakes. Stay off the toe strikes..... But lift the knees, come down
      >on the heel and roll off the toes. Which is how I tend to run on the flats.
      >This allows me to run in a more normal fashion and allows for a faster and
      >smoother descent.
      > One other comment I'd like to make is on "heat". I believe it going to be
      >one hot day at WS this year... Hot and humid. I live near Death Valley where
      >temperatures can commonly exceed the 115 degree mark but we still train at
      >noon on weekdays. We can train at these temperatures because we train into
      >them..... But more importantly we stay properly "Hydrated"... This year the
      >American River 50 Miler saw the highest number of DNF's in approximately 10
      >years. This was due, in my opinion, to the heat, runners going out to fast,
      >and not drinking enough fluids...
      > I would suggest the following.... Carry at least 2 bottles... Even if you
      >don't fill the 2nd one until later in the race. What you fill them with is
      >of course your choice... I use just water and am not a fan of the Gatorade
      >like drinks. Wear a cap of some sort. It'll obviously keep the sun off you,
      >but they're nice for dipping into the streams along the trail and pouring
      >water over your head. I personally like the electrolyte caps. 'Succeed!'
      >caps are nice, but Wal-Mart sells a product called "Thermo Tabs" that
      >according to the labels are very similar and they are significantly cheaper.
      >(I have no vested interest in either of these companies)...
      > What about the humidity????? I haven't a clue. While the temperature here
      >are high..... We affectionately refer to it as "Dry" heat. It'll take its
      >toll on me I'm sure.... Any tricks you folks that live in humid environments
      >would suggest??? Good Luck!
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      > > Subject: [ws100] WS Trail conditions
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      > > Fellow WS 100 participants: I miss last year's web site which gave a lot
      > > of detail on the WS trail and conditions. Unfortunately, this year's web
      > > site does not yet give that kind of information. Could some of you
      > > participating in this year's training run. or those living near the
      > > trail provide some information on the trail conditions between now and
      > > the 24th of June. Especially for those of us living far away from the
      > > course, any info we can get is welcome. I am a second year participant,
      > > and plan to become a first time finisher. Last year my quads gave out
      > > early, and I ran out of time at Last Chance. So. my advice for first
      > > timers is : Train on those downhills, on steep ones that is. Good luck
      > > with the training run.. I live too far away to participate. Carl Pegels,
      > > Buffalo, NY
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