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31RE: [ws100] training camp

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  • Lewis, Chuck
    May 23, 2000
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      Welcome to WSTC.... Come prepared for anything.... 2 years ago it rained...
      last year I thought was beautiful although it was considered a "snow"
      year..... This year everything seems to be drying out quickly.... Without
      looking at any forecasts, my guess is that it's going to be dry and very
      warm (90+ humid degrees in the canyons).... Here in the desert we're already
      over a 100 degrees. It's been that way for a week now and last year at this
      time we still hadn't got out of the 80's.
      I don't know how early the folks actually start arriving, but there will
      be people there on Friday. We'll be arriving about 3 to 4 PM and by that
      time last year, there was already alot of activity. As for dinner on
      Friday.... Whatever you like and your expense account can afford. There's
      not a great selection of fast food places (None that I can remember) in
      Forrest Hill so depending on what time you arrive, you may want to eat in
      Auburn or at least buy something there to bring with you up to Forrest Hill.

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      From: Marge & Nick Burley
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      Subject: [ws100] training camp


      I'm heading out for the training camp this weekend and I have a few
      questions. This is my first time at Western. If anyone could help I
      appreciate it.

      1. What's the weather like? Hot? Cold? or both?

      2. Will someone be there on Friday? What time? We should provide our
      dinner on Friday right?

      Thanks for your help.

      Marge Burley

      Failed tests, classes skipped, forgotten locker combinations.
      Remember the good 'ol days

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