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232RE: [ws100] Pacer Available

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  • Joseph Swenson
    May 11, 2011
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      Best thing is to show up at Foresthill about 3:30 - 4PM and sign up as a
      volunteer pacer. Volunteers will pace runners coming through on a first
      come first serve basis. Any runner coming through who needs a pacer makes
      the request and the volunteers are tapped to pace in the order they sign up.
      I did that one year - was second in line to pace, and helped a guy from Ohio
      get in under 24 hours.

      If you decide to pace a particular person they may or may not have the kind
      of day you are hoping for or they may even drop. By volunteering you are
      guaranteed a person to pace.

      Just my opinion.



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      I am a male runner from San Francisco, CA.

      I am very experienced on mountain trails and wet, rocky, technical terrain.
      I am also experienced running at night on trails.

      My maximum pace for 30 miles (48 km) is ~8 min / mile (5 min/km) (~ 3,000
      feet of gain) I'm ok with pacing from 8 min to 12 min pace average.

      Seeking to pace 30 miles or so or Foresthill to the finish.

      hugh at ob-kc dhat com

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