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227RE: [ws100] What to wear?

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  • Patrick McCartney
    May 10, 2011
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      Just because there is snow on the ground doesn't mean it is cold. Last
      year, we ran the first 10-miles in the snow and the air temperature was
      around 80-deg F. Even though the race starts at 5am, the sun rises almost
      immediately. A good rule of thumb is that whenever the sun it up, plan on
      it being HOT. In my experience, the only time you need to worry about being
      warm is during the night, especially if you are doing a lot of walking.
      Last year it was warm enough all night that shorts were just fine. However,
      it can get cold at night, so I always have long pants and a jacket in my
      drop bag at Foresthill to use just in case. The only other thing I would
      say is that you can get cold if it is raining. I have a bunch of those
      small (and cheap) emergency ponchos that I stick in every drop bag just in
      case a storm comes up.


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      All the videos in YouTube show runners in singlet and shorts both at the
      start, finish and in the middle. Isn't it cold at 5 in the morning at the
      start? What about running in the snow? Do runners change into long running
      trousers at night? What about bad weather, does it ever rain? or possibly

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