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201Wristband ID for runners?

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  • Jonni
    Aug 2, 2007
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      Hey y'all. Just back from volunteering at Tevis, and have a question
      maybe one of you might be able to help. This year we put a wristband on
      each rider, and wrote their entry number on it. In case they were hurt,
      at least we would know "who" they were. Do any runs use wristbands for
      ID, that have more info, such as emergency. phone numbers, allergies,
      full name etc. ?? I know they have machines that can print out a
      computerized wristband for hospital use, but not sure of something more
      portable, to be able to use at an event. Love any ideas y'all might
      have, as we feel that we need to have better ID systems in place on
      rides like Tevis.
      Thanks so much.
      Jonni in TX
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