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188Re: WS100 just around the corner

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  • kjjossi
    Jun 8, 2006
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      LOTS of poison oak hanging into the trails in the canyons and for sure
      beyond. last 20 especially. my legs are still trashed (from poison
      oak) from memorial day weekend... but it was worth it... awesome
      trails! even got snowed and sleeted and rained on in the canyons...
      now who would ever predict hypothermia in the canyons! :) ha ha! at
      that time, couldn't get too far up past dusty corners due to snow, but
      i'm sure it's much better now. cheers and happy riding!

      -- In ws100@yahoogroups.com, "Jonni" <trigger@...> wrote:
      > This board is SO quiet. Just curious if anyone is running this year,
      > they have seen the trails, trail conditions etc. I was the one who
      > finished Tevis with my horse last year from TX. Well, we won an entry
      > for this year, so will be heading out again. Looking forward to
      > how folks are prepping, and then stories after the run!
      > Jonni
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