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173Re: trail conditions?

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  • mom_of_wesley
    Jun 29, 2005
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      Wow, thanks so much for the great details Glenn! The Tevis trail
      crosses at 89 and the Truckee river, and then along a hiking trail
      along the South slope of Squaw Valley. The trail re-connects with the
      historic route about a mile short of Watson's Monument. We ride up
      the service road under the ski lifts to the top. I thought that the
      trail was pretty much the same for the run and ride, but somewhere
      the runners do more miles between Squaw and Auburn, that the riders
      don't, as we have about 8 miles of trail before we get to 89 and the
      Truckee River.

      This has been such a weird weather year, and hopefully it will stay
      warm enough to melt off most of the snow before the ride. But then we
      will have the nasty bogs and mud through Granite Chief. This will be
      my 3rd attempt, and hopefully it will be "3rd times the charm".
      Getting a horse ready in the "flats" of Texas has been tough, so I
      took the horse out to CA for his last conditioning. (and MY

      Congrads to all those who did the run, and thanks to all volunteers
      who go out and help at these events so WE can participate.

      Jonni (near Dallas TX)
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