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151Mtn Bike trails near Western States

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  • Tubbs, Kathryn
    Jun 23, 2003
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      Hi all,

      My crew and pacers for Western States are also mtn bikers who would like
      to fill their off hours before & during the race by getting some bike
      training in. I wondered if there were locations off the course that
      they could get to, do some riding and still make all my crew stops? We
      are all from Southern California and don't know the area near the course
      very well, and want to make sure they are riding well off of it so that
      there is no DQ issues with this.

      I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions on possible
      locations/parks/trailheads that they could get to along the way? Or
      even trail books, guides or good bike stores to ask, and where we might
      find those books/stores on our drive north.

      I'll be a mid to back of the pack runner, so they will have some time to
      kill! They are all very good mtn bikers, so they can handle
      intermediate and advanced rides. They are also accustomed to riding
      trails at night.

      Kathryn Tubbs

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