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145Backbone Trail--65 miles in one day!

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  • Tubbs, Kathryn
    Apr 21, 2003
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      Hi WS runners,

      I'm planning to run the whole Backbone Trail in Los Angeles on
      the weekend of May 31st/June 1st-65 miles in one day-as my last long,
      hard training run for Western States. I wondered if anyone from the LA
      area might be interested in joining me for all or part of it? I would
      like to start at sunrise on Saturday and finish sometime on Saturday

      I'm running it in the direction from Will Rogers Park to the
      other end in North Malibu. For those who don't already know, the
      Backbone Trail is a very difficult, rocky single track trail with a few
      navigational challenges, lots of elevation gain and loss, and
      unbelievable beauty. I plan to fast hike the uphills and run everything
      else. Challenging, but the rewards are amazing.

      This is not an organized event, just a training run-no cost
      except bringing your own supplies. So if people want to do the whole
      thing, please have sufficient training b/c we will all be responsible
      for ourselves. I will be going at a little under my race pace and be
      trying to stick to that schedule-I'm midpack pace, but I have some fast
      runners who might come out too. Since there is little water on the
      trail I will need to arrange for aid along the way...so thought there
      might be runners who would be interested in meeting me to run sections
      of the trail and serve as an aid station for me at the chosen parking
      lot/meeting place. They can either do an out and back section to their
      cars, or if they want to do a longer section, we can possibly arrange a
      caravan with a later car/partial runner. I'll arrange all the
      logistics. I'm going to run this no matter what, but thought I'd open
      it up for others b/c that will make the logistics a little easier and be
      more safe and fun. I've been on 90% of the Backbone Trail, so I know
      the route pretty well and can provide directions and descriptions for

      If anyone is interested, you can email me at info@...
      <mailto:info@...> .


      Kathryn Tubbs


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