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144Los Angeles training partners?

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  • Tubbs, Kathryn
    Dec 19, 2002
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      Hi all,

      Anyone in Los Angeles looking for running partners to train for WS100 next year?

      I live and train in the Santa Monica Mtns, and work in the Valley. I'm especially looking for partner(s) who might want to make a twice weekly commute via running/biking to work. Really, its not as heinous as it sounds--just try it! We gotta train right?...And wouldn't you rather spend those 2 hours in the mtns rather than in traffic?! I've done it several times solo, but hoping partners could turn this into a regular thing.

      I usually road or mtn bike to work, leave my bike and run back early in the week, then do the opposite later in the week. Mileage is anywhere from 9 to 25+ one-way depending on where home/work is and what trails we take. And there are so many possible routes over the hills, that we rarely need to repeat a trail! If interested, email me at info@...

      Kathryn Tubbs