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139Excel file showing all WST split times since 1986

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  • jeffcollins76 <jeffcollins76@yahoo.com>
    Dec 17, 2002
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      Uploaded an excel file to the Yahoo group showing all runners and
      their split times between aid stations since 1986. Because of snow
      years - hilited in blue, course changes, ... I only took the major
      stations and whatever times were available between stations (eg last
      year there was no split time between recorded at Robinson so the
      Robinson to Last Chance split is not shown.) Someone else probably
      has done this before but I haven't seen it.

      All of the data came from files on the WST site - put together this
      last rainy, winidy weekend in SF Bay Area. The spreadsheet can be
      sorted by time and you can view the fastest splits and looking at the
      last column see if it was a DNF. You can also graph after sorting,
      average the times, etc... Only one "strange" time - 1987 Hi 49 to
      Finish for a Ray V ??

      See how your splits compare to others - or plan for 2003! Good

      Jeff Collins
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