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135Western States - Here I Come!

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  • holaks55812
    Dec 6, 2001
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      Already looking forward to June 29, 2002! Hoping and praying I don't
      get an injury prior to the race like I did in 2000 when I tore my
      ankle up before the race and didn't even make it to the start line.

      Hopefully this message will get the WS discussions started. Looking
      forward to some good dialogue on WS preparation, training, racing
      tips, etc.

      I ordered the WS video that was filmed at last years race. Can't
      wait to watch it - makes a nice stocking stuffer! Has anyone seen
      the video or PBS special yet?

      Might as well get an early start on this as well. I may be looking
      for a pacer for the dark section of WS in 2002. I don't want to be
      on the trail in the dark with all of those mountain lions roaming
      around!;-) Good luck to everyone with your training and preparations
      for the 2002 Western States! Take care, and stay healthy!!!

      Andy Holak
      Duluth, MN