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  • Elizabeth Anne Ensley
    http://groups.yahoo.com/group/writerschat/ writerschat The Fear of Writing Chatroom has returned! Moderated by Glenn Walker, this fun and informative chatroom
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 16, 2004


      "The Fear of Writing Chatroom has returned! Moderated by Glenn
      Walker, this fun and informative chatroom features writing guests of
      all kinds—authors from many genres, scriptwriters, comic writers, e-
      zine editors, how-to authors, poetry slam organizers, literary
      agents and more. And, for those who remember Roto-Writer from the
      old chatroom, the ever-popular Jennifer Turner even shows up for the
      occasional stint.

      Glenn also hosts theme chats. And, many a night, he winds up a guest
      event with a drum roll of suspense as he announces the winner of yet
      another great door prize!

      As a member of WritersChat, you will receive announcements for all
      chat events. It's up to you which events you choose to attend. But
      you must be signed up as a member to receive the secret word to
      login to each chat.

      Look in Files on your left for the smiley list, the chatroom
      etiquette sheet, chat transcripts, and other helpful info. Click on
      Links in the same menu for the Help Page or to email the smiley list
      to yourself or a friend. Click here on Calendar to be taken to our
      chat schedule.

      To suggest a chat guest, offer yourself as chat guest, suggest a
      topic for a theme chat, or give feedback about a chat you've
      attended, contact Glenn Walker. To report a technical problem,
      contact Milli Thornton.

      Please join us for a fun-filled year of chats in 2004 . . . and
      don't forget to bring chocolate!"


      writing-humor · A group dedicated to writing better humor.

      "How do you become a coveted humorist?

      Practice, practice, practice.

      Writing-Humor is a group that takes humor seriously.

      Our Mission:
      Enhance the understanding of humor, incorporate it into writing, and
      have lots of fun.

      Our plan:
      1) Submit work for critique.
      2) Critique what others submit.
      3) Use exercises for humor writing techniques.
      4) Discuss what makes humor work and practice techniques
      through "small talk."

      We frown upon:
      1) Lurkers.
      2) Rudeness.
      3) Advertisements.
      4) Posting of previously published work.

      This is a good group, and anything that drags it down changes the
      List-Owner to List-Ogre very quickly. He not only lurks for trolls,
      he trolls for lurkers. This means you should participate in Our Plan
      to avoid being deleted. When you get too busy, create a way-out
      excuse or humorously tell us what projects hold you hostage. If you
      just stop participating... Well, let's not go there.

      Participation is what makes this group great, so wade in and have
      fun! Contribute. Tell bald-faced lies (providing they are original
      and in good taste). Entertain us, teach us, learn with us and we'll
      all do just fine."



      humorstories · Humor Stories - A place to exchange and ideas about
      humor writing.

      "This is a place to share funny stories and ideas about humor
      Nothing new within the last 7 days


      Well, at least I turned up two 'humor' groups. I'm not counting the
      noes devoted to humorists because I wouldn't call them places
      devoted to writing humor but to the humorists. HOWEVER, you can
      always find them, either by typing in specific names or else by
      typing in 'humorist' for a genereal search and seeing what turns up.

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