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  • Elizabeth Anne Ensley
    Jun 3, 2003
      Members: 6
      Founded: May 31, 2003
      Language: English


      Murder, supernatural beings, walking dead, human sacrifice,
      apocalyptic destruction...
      This group is for writers of short speculative fiction (and
      poetry) ie., horror, fantasy, sci-fi, and anything experimental
      (think Twilight Zone, David Lynch, Jorge Borges, Clive Barker, and
      Ray Bradbury). This is a place to post, critique, and discuss
      stories of horror and fantasy based on biblical stories. Looking
      to do a future anthology of speculative fiction based on stories,
      characters, and/or events portrayed in the bible. So dust-off that
      old family bible and share your most fantastic and/or horrific
      biblical 'fan fiction.' Once enough good (literary) stories have
      been submitted, will attempt to publish an anthology (either from
      a POD or traditional publisher). This is NOT a Christian group,
      but one for those that view the bible as mythology. If you are
      easily offended by this concept, join another group.