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57Re: [writing_groups_list] Writing Buddies????

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  • Stark Raving Mad Onna
    May 2, 2003
      I'm looking it up using Yahoo search right now.

      The only groups I see listed under writing buddies are
      either the F2K group (for folks who were in the F2K
      class at http://www.writersvillage.com), a closed
      group, and a Christian writer's group. the other
      thirteen are essentially fanfiction or hobbyist Yahoo
      writer's groups.

      Let me try "writing partners" now.

      for collaborators, from what the page says, this group
      was founded on January 20, 2003. It has restricted
      membership and email attachments are not permitted.
      The group itself averages approximately 3 posts per
      month, but I would assume that the members themselves
      do their writing without posting it to the group.


      Founded December 7, 2002. This is also a group with
      restricted membership. It's had 10 posts so far this
      month. From the front page:

      "I started this group with the hope of gathering
      together serious writers of literary fiction. The main
      goal of the group will be to match up critique
      partners for authors who want to revise their work.
      Although it is geared towards literary fiction, all
      types of fiction are welcome. All skill levels are
      welcome. The only prerequesites are: Be kind, be
      willing to search for a critique buddy, and have a
      genuine love of writing!"


      Founded September 2, 2002, very low activity.

      "Writing 101 is a group for writers looking for
      writing partners, ideas and beta readers.
      Here you can post your stories for critique. Find a
      partner to write with or just find someone to beta you

      All types of writing and generes are welcome here from
      fiction, to fan fiction. Novels to short stories."


      Founded October 28, 2001, low group post activity

      "I'm a huge fan of Natalie Goldberg and have always
      been jealous when she talks about meeting with a
      friend to write. This group is designed to help
      people meet up with writing partners they can connect
      with in real life. Please place an ad that includes
      the following:

      City, State (don't post your address) What you write
      How often you want to meet a writing partner"

      Founded January 2o, 2000, low group activity level.

      "CritPal is a free service for novelists who want to
      find critique partners. You do your own "matchmaking"
      by placing an ad in The CritPal Post and by checking
      the ads others have placed. To facilitate the
      process of selection, a sample chapter from each
      writer is archived in the CritPal Files. (Only members
      have access to The CritPal Post and to the chapters in
      Files.) Membership is open to novelists working at any
      level of experience--in literary, mainstream, or any
      genre. KEYWORDS: critique, critiques, critique
      partner, critique partners, novel, novels, novelists,
      novel writing."


      Founded November 16, 2001; low group activity level.

      "This club is for lesbian &; bisexual women that enjoy
      creating or reading same gender relationship material
      focused through poetry, short stories, &; erotica.
      While this club is a great way to share ourselves
      through the art of writing, it is also a good place to
      make friends &; sometimes even partners. Feel free to
      write what your heart desires. This is also a place
      where we can share the passion of music together...I
      welcome discussions, pictures, lyrics, etc. of your
      favorite solo artists/groups whether they fit the
      lesbian/bi genre or if you simply enjoy their music."

      Founded Aug 12, 2002; low group activity level.

      "This is a group for new and established writers in
      the Brisbane and surrounding area. The group can be
      used as a sounding board for idea's, hooks, and who to
      contact once you've finished that script. For more
      established writers this might be a good place to
      recharge your batteries, helping out a new writer, get
      started. Perhaps people can also find writing partners
      to help each other. This is your group, I am more than
      happy to take it in any direction that the members
      want it to go."

      WickedCompany � For mystery writers.
      --Personally, I love the name of this group. ;-)--
      Founded July 10, 2000; moderate activity level, can
      range towards the high side. Restricted membership, no

      "Mystery is murder for writers!

      Discuss crime and mystery writing. Share tips, info,
      experiences with your partners in crime--or just
      discuss your favorite crime or mystery books. You do
      not need to be a published author to join. ALL
      mystery/crime authors welcome (POD, short story,
      electronic, self-published--this includes YOU!) as
      well as readers, reviewers, editors, and people who
      turned left after Greenland."

      I don't know if these groups will help you any, but at
      least it's a step in the right direction.

      Your virtual librarian.

      --- annillie3 <annillie@...> wrote:
      > There is supposed to be group where they have you
      > fill out a
      > questionaire and then match you with a writing
      > buddy. Does anyone know
      > anything about this group?
      > Annillie

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