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  • starrsfyre@aol.com
    Mar 1, 2004
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      (I don't think this person would mind some free advertising. When I have the
      time, I'll check the group myself--angst of packing and getting ready to move
      nad all that rot, you know. *sigh* After a couple of years of uncertainty,
      though, at least the move itself is finally set.




      I hope no one minds if I plug a new group real quick like.  It's
      called Write Every Day [Short Fiction] and can be found at:


      Group members are dedicated to writing 30 pages in 30 days.  Each
      member posts their work each day by a certain time.  If they fail,
      they get sliced and diced from the list.  Only those who survive will
      make it to the Editor's Group and will have a completed short
      manuscript after the month is over.  Membership closes on March 3rd,
      when the slaying begins.

      Everyone is invited to participate!  The more the merrier!  Come on
      over and check it out!

      Thanks everyone!

      Brian :o)

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