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104Re: Home of the Bards

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  • Elizabeth Anne Ensley
    Dec 4, 2003
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      Hi! I'm sorry it took three days (five, if you cound today and the
      day you posted that message) to approve (I moderate the list to
      avoid spam, but I do take members off moderation now and then
      *grin*), but I hadn't been able to access Yahoo for the last week
      and a half. I'm playing 'catch-up' here, so please don't throw any
      tomatoes. ;-) And thank you. I started this group because I remember
      looking for writer's groups on Yahoo and turning up libraries, music
      groups, and who knows what else. I wanted to help narrow the search
      a bit, for others who are looking for them.

      I will be posting it here soon, but I found a humor writer's group
      on Yahoo. I was researching something far removed from writer's
      groups at the time (I forget what), and the group turned up

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