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103Home of the Bards

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  • renalus_critone
    Nov 30, 2003
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      I'm taking advantage of the board to throw out a plug for my new
      group. Long story short (no pun intended), it's a collective project
      to create a tale. Every member writes a chapter of the book, then it
      is passed on to the next person.

      I'd love to see everyone join. I already know that the lot of you are
      good writers, and that's the goal of the group ~ Weed out the RPG
      crazies and find people who just love to write.

      It's called Home_of_the_Bards, and it's through egroups.

      Hope to see you there, and thanks for reading my rambling!

      ~ Renay

      PS ~ This is an awesome idea for a group...lists are good.

      PPS ~ If none of this made any sense, but you are still marginally
      interested in my group, then please feel free to drop me a line at
      Renalus_Critone@.... :)
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