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  • Jimmy Romain
    To read an excerpt go to http://www.fictionwise.com/ebooks/eBook30041.htm To read more go to http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/authors/Kenneth_Baker.shtml THE
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      To read an excerpt go to http://www.fictionwise.com/ebooks/eBook30041.htm

      To read more go to http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/authors/Kenneth_Baker.shtml

      ISBN# 1-59374-100-6 (E-Book)
      December 2004
      Whiskey Creek Press
      400 pgs
      Rating: 5 cups

      A deadly disease has begun to spread across the United States, one that causes those who contract it to change. Those who have changed can communicate with thoughts alone and have begun to band together to eliminate the 'threat' of those who did not change. No one is safe, and the death tolls predicted are astronomical. Civilization as we know it no longer will exist and kill or be killed will become the only way to survive.
      There is hope... The Chosen One is out there and is being directed where they must go to save those who can survive. Making sure that this Chosen One survives becomes the mission for an unlikely group of allies. From different parts of the country, different walks of life ...even different species, this group will travel on a path towards each other. A path, which will be filled with many deadly and seemingly unsurpassable obstacles to find The Chosen One, they must protect, even at the cost of their own lives.

      Bill- who after recovering from a mysterious illness returns to work to discover his
      co-workers silently plotting against him and he can hear their thoughts.

      Tony- who thinks her boyfriend Bill may be losing it until she realizes she has a new power of her own and a higher purpose as well.

      Ben- who watches a coworker self-destruct and returns to his family to realize they are all at risk from those who speak in thoughts.

      Joe - a loner who hears the call and sets out to follow his destiny only to meet up with the most unlikely of fellow travelers.

      Tammy- the child who has learned more in her eleven short years then any child should ever face.

      Stalker- the beast, hideous to behold yet so much more than meets the eye.

      Ross- part of a mysterious government project, he alone can meld with the AI who has become real to him.

      Rita- more than machine but now inside her world another has entered and a battle will begin.

      The Chosen One and others chosen to protect are rushing towards their destiny on a winding path filled with danger, death, and miraculous possibilities.

      WOW! I received this book to review knowing absolutely nothing about it ahead of time, not even the genre. To my surprise and delight, this turned out to be right up my alley, and a truly great read for me. While THE CHOSEN ONE is listed as horror, I would add that it is so much more. This story brought to mind works by author Dean Koontz, where there is horror but it is blended seamlessly with paranormal, suspense, mystery, and even love.

      This book has all those elements as well. The cast of characters is quite large
      but easy to follow and each one is interesting and intriguing. I fell in love with Stalker a creature with more humanity than most people ever show. This was one of those books that sweeps you up and carries you along for the ride, one you hate to see end.

      At 400 pages, it is a long read and yet the pages flew by. I loved this book, perhaps the only fault I can find is in the cliffhanger ending which can be like torture for me as I wait and wonder until the next installment finally is released. Believe me KENNETH E. BAKER has a new fan now, one who like Stalker will be watching from the shadows for his next work.

      Johnna Flores
      Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
      Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance

      Kenneth E. Baker
      Author of
      Border Life---Whiskey Creek Press
      Jenny's Ghost (Love is Forever)---Wings Press
      Remnants of Love----Whiskey Creek Press
      The Chosen One----Book 1 Whiskey Creek Press
      Twice in Life---- Wings Press
      Mr. Fate---Short Story ---Mundania Press Anthology (Unraveling)
      Stalkers Revenge----Book 2 April 2005 Whiskeycreek Press
      Strike Three Armageddon----June 2006 Wings Press
      Zeb The Dog Man---Book 3---March 2006 Whiskey Creek Press
      Mothers Pride Mothers Anguish---December 2006 Wings Press

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