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Re: Self-Publishing

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  • jeffrey_questad
    Hi David, I m very interested in Self Publishing as well. I suggest you find this book: The Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print and Sell Your Own
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 23, 2003
      Hi David,

      I'm very interested in "Self Publishing" as well. I suggest you find
      this book: The Self-Publishing Manual: How to Write, Print and Sell
      Your Own Book (14th Edition)by Dan Poynter. According to Amazon, the
      14th edition is scheduled to come out on August 10. I would wait
      because this world changes fast, and you'll want the latest edition.

      Even if you read one of the others, it's worthwhile. Poynter's book
      made me realize self-publishing isn't for losers and people who don't
      fit. In the world of literary fiction, I believe it's a difficult
      road because you depend on the support of a community of others to
      andorse your work and help get you academic respect. But in some
      other genres, self-help books and non-fiction books for examble, some
      of the biggest publishing successes of all time were "self-
      published". Poynter demystifies it all, discusses ISBN numbers,
      distributors, publicity, a little of everything. It's a fantastic
      book I think we all should read if only so we know the
      possibilities. Which may not be limited at all.

      Good luck...


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      > Here's another question:
      > As I stated in my previous message, I sent out my first query
      letter today. I have high hopes but am also realistic about the whole
      thing. I am putting together a website to promote my book to
      prospective agents, editors, and eventually to readers. I am also
      looking into alternative publication methods, but there are so many
      possibilities out there that I really don't know where to begin.
      > Does anybody have experience that they would like to share about
      ebooks, websites, or print on demand?
      > I will have a good website soon. I know that some authors publish
      their entire books on their websites for free. I am wondering about
      the pros and cons of this. I am also interested in finding a good
      service to handle ebook sales.
      > I would appreciate any advice. I apologize in advance if this is
      the wrong forum for this type of post. I have found several writer's
      forums on the web but have had trouble finding any that are very
      > Thanks!
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