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  • ice_cubes_of_the_soul
    Hey everyone, Just finished this, hope you like it. The Queen of Darkness Her lips shone in the light of the naked flames that danced
    Message 1 of 140 , Feb 12, 2001
      Hey everyone,<br><br>Just finished this, hope you
      like it.<br><br>The Queen of Darkness<br><br>Her lips
      shone in the light of the naked flames<br>that danced
      in my head.<br>Two teeth white as the ghost she
      was<br>or could have been.<br>Her heart black as the sky on
      the moonless night<br>in which we
      embraced.<br><br>Her kiss, her dark kiss lifted me<br>to the place
      where mortal feet rarely tread.<br>To those that have
      death always waits<br>in one of her forms or (to the
      select few) another.<br>She was my death, I was her
      selection.<br><br>You say that at a time like this<br>the memories of a
      life lost shine through.<br>I did not see my life, my
      short miserable life past,<br>rather a future
      glistening euphoria without repentance.<br>Or so it seemed
      to be.<br><br>She held me against her newly warmed
      breast<br>as I fell from the godless vision.<br>Her body was
      opened to me and I drank deep<br>returning her dark
      kiss.<br>I had died my first death.<br><br>The lustre of the
      lights that surrounded our fatal ceremony<br>shimmered
      like the Aurora in the North.<br>Newfound colouring
      and texture formed<br>on previously dismissed
      objects.<br>Her glazed eyes penetrated my soulless body<br>while
      her parched lips began to move<br><br>'Do not be
      afraid'<br>whispered the Queen of
    • arunjyot
      This email is to let you know about a very unique novel. We had a tough time to categorize it. Presently it is categorized as `Inspirational����� Your
      Message 140 of 140 , Jan 2, 2002
        This email is to let you know about a very unique
        novel.<br>We had a tough time to categorize it.<br>Presently
        it is categorized as `Inspirational�<br>Your
        suggestion is welcome, but as far as the subject is
        concerned, I think it is the `First ever Pre-social,
        Pre-historical novel ever written in any world language! (The
        story is of the period of Ape-man.)<br>Please follow me
        for the details.<br><br>Presently literary agents and
        market oriented Publishers rule the literary
        field.<br>What are offered are hyped and well-advertised
        bestsellers with sex, violence and hatred at the cost of
        serious thought provoking classics.<br><br>For a change,
        Here is this novel is the one that is far away from
        cheap sex and violence, <br>The one, seeking meaning of
        life and values, <br>The Novel for adolescents, youths
        and for every sincere reader.<br><br>The Novel
        is,<br><br>`A TALE OF FENGADO �<br>By Dr Arun
        Gadre.<br>Published by Fiction Works LTD, Omaha. USA.<br><br>Climb an
        uphill. Wait for a moment to take a breath and casually
        look down. And say to each other, "Look! Can you see
        that signpost hidden in the bushes? That is the one
        that announced the start of the uphill. From that
        point onward, we started moving up with speed. And see
        how far we have come within a short
        time!" <br>Similar feelings should gather in one's mind after
        reading this novel, A Tale of Fengado. <br>On this Earth,
        the human culture is dispersed all over. It has left
        behind many signs of its existence over the period of
        last 30 to 40,000 years. Many of these signs are
        nothing but the signs of his animal-ness. But some signs
        are definitely of his humanness.<br>Particularly, at
        which point in the history, did man perceive his
        humanness? When he perceived it, how did he accept it? How
        was it the animal in him came to know about his
        humanness? <br>This novel tries to give answers to these
        questions.<br>This is the novel that asserts that there is a meaning
        to our so intensely felt need for righteousness, to
        our sense of justice and to our search for the
        meaning of life! <br>It�s not just a novel but it�s a
        spiritual journey of human being from Ape-man to Human
        being.<br>When the famous anthropologist, Margaret Meed was
        asked about the origin of civilization she answered,
        <br>"When I find a healed thigh bone at the site of
        excavation, I declare that the human civilization has started
        here!" <br>These are the words that led to, possibly
        this first ever pre-social and pre-historic novel.
        <br><br>A Tale of Fengado is the saga of the first ape-man
        turned human being. <br>It shows the first footprint of
        human civilization along with love, hatred, and the
        blood bath, which accompanied it. <br><br>ABOUT THE
        AUTHOR:<br> Dr. Arun Gadre is a Gynecologist who left the
        glamorous city of Bombay with wife, Dr. Jyoti, to serve
        rural India. <br>Dr. Gadre is also a prize-winning
        author with ten books published in the Indian language.
        <br>His reading and writing probes the deeper meaning of
        life.<br><br>VISIT THE SITE TO HAVE A LOOK AT `A TALE OF
        FENGADO�<br>It is also available by a click on mouse. (with
        credit card
        purchase).<br><br><a href=http://www.fictionworks.com/default.htm target=new>http://www.fictionworks.com/default.htm</a><br>Section: Ebook, Category:
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