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224Re: Poem> "Demonizing Phantom"

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  • jvr36
    Mar 3, 2007
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      Absolutely wonderful. Can I save this as a future reference? It was
      kind of entrancing. Love it.

      --- In writers_unblock@yahoogroups.com, "Samantha"
      <samantha_saines@...> wrote:
      > I felt the fallen angel speak through me
      > and use my body to his beckon call.
      > His pleasure was to seek my sins
      > and burn them upon my once innocent eyes.
      > He claimed to be my saving grace;
      > that tempting hand to grasp when falling below
      > and how much now, I rather would have fallen.
      > He moved my lips to his delight
      > and through me spoke words of deceit,
      > clouding my mind, my intuitions and my puppeteering gestures.
      > I looked in the mirror only to see half of him plastered on half of
      > And the scent of a traitor was a greater stench than I could ever
      > My shallow eyes roll back into my head
      > as my brain can no longer withstand normal function
      > and every nuiance of this spell
      > is making me a servant to my fears.
      > This clock is moving all the more faster
      > and I cannot fathom how long this second took to pass.
      > My mortal tranquility cannot return
      > lest I turn my back to his silky whispers and crimson pupils.
      > They dilate with each fierce pumping of a weak heart
      > any moment collapsing into the black hole of eternity.
      > One last breath to take,
      > one last vision of mercy
      > before I overtake my monster.
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