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202Poem> "The Dreamer's Nightly Disposition"

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  • Samantha
    Oct 9, 2006
      Bitter dreams late in the purple night,
      the purple haze, the drugged like daze of my endless sleep
      and heavy patterns of breathing.
      Awaken, awaken to darker holes
      and mysteries that never seem to piece together.
      As each picture flashes before my eyes
      like the cinema screen of moving images
      with no stream, with no sense before them.
      Are they my wants, my thoughts, my dreams
      in fragments of dust...
      left to rot in the back of an unconscious dreamer?
      Whatever the outcome of the nightmare
      or the soul's longing for a passing thing
      I will bypass each one as mere insensibilities
      and continue on my way to reality,
      a way much easier to see in the daybreaks' gleam of yellow, warm light
      leading me onward until night breaks again.
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