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201Poem> "When You Stayed Longer"

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  • Samantha
    Oct 9, 2006
      When you passed on,
      my own fear held you closer to me
      and you remained with me until I could cope once more.
      You promised you'd stay with me as you were
      a physical being as I,
      to touch, to hold, to hug,
      to smell, to kiss.
      But I soon realized you capabilities were limited.
      And unlike me, you lost all the passion, the beauty,
      the given normalcy of a human life
      and I cried.
      As a baby I cried because I first realized I could never have you
      whole again as you were.
      You were moving vertically along time and space,
      farther away from me,
      taking along with you the incapalities that this realm held you
      chained to.
      I had to let you go
      for I couldn't bear another day with
      your tearful eyes and your saddened countance
      that only stayed to ease my selfish pain.