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  • Samantha
    Sep 11, 2006
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      I will plant this seed in my hand
      and let it grow beyond the tips of my fingernails
      to branch out and touch the warm sun above me.
      In winter nights, my blossoms will never wilt
      or fall prey to the icy cut of the wind that blows.

      I should never hunger
      for my flowers will give to me their sweet nectar to taste.
      As each petal slips down my throat,
      they will grow vines down into my body,
      releasing more of these plentiful flowers.

      They will lay hold of my heart
      to bathe it in luscious scents of floral;
      rejuvenating me to love- more than I ever could.
      I'll inhale once more to know all the secrets of nature
      and to live each day for beauty's sake;
      never to utter her blissful sound
      and give of her hidden passion hidden deep in the bark of my body.
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